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With our dedicated crews and team management,
Moretti’s foundation is rock solid.


  • Sewer and Watermain

    Over the course of Moretti’s history numerous construction projects have required installation, maintenance and emergency repairs to water mains or sewers. Whether in normal or extenuating circumstances, Moretti approaches each project with enthusiasm and a fresh perspective.  Although project success relies on varying factors, there’s only one dynamic that remains – a special team.  A team equipped with skill, experience and determination.  Every project we complete is done right, regardless of its scope or restrictions.

  • Heavy Civil/Earth Works

    Virtually every large job requires earthworks. Accomplishing this task usually means moving massive amounts of soil or rock. Because of the large-scale volumes of earth being moved, it requires great expertise and skill to minimize the distance of transport. It also requires plenty of equipment to complete the project.  Moretti owns a vast inventory of heavy machinery that is task specific and readily available at our client’s disposal.

    Further to many of our construction services, we have experience in the excavation of industrial, commercial, and institutional aspects of excavation.  Some of our past projects include the excavation of live culverts and bridges, deep tunnel shafts, to multiple shoring systems.  Our crews can handle virtually anything.

    Whether you’re interacting with a Moretti engineer or site superintendent, you can rest assured they are always trying to improve inefficiencies on your project.

  • Road Construction

    With our dedicated crews and team management Moretti’s foundation is rock solid.  It’s no wonder that we apply this principle to our road construction service. Building a road doesn’t seem like the most glamorous of services. But without the right expertise, there are many unforeseen obstacles that could lead to a road block. Our committed crews can build over any surface while avoiding traffic disruption at all costs.

  • Construction Management and Design

    At Moretti, we're committed to every project. We pride ourselves on a keen work ethic and more importantly, the talent and skills of our people. In fact, our staff is the reason why so many consultants and construction organizations turn to us at the design stage for complex construction assignments.

    Currently, the majority of construction planning has shifted toward a greater emphasis on population growth.  With this factor comes the need to support and implement proper infrastructure quickly and efficiently.  For this reason, Moretti offers a one-stop shop of construction services.  With our staff of resourceful engineers and hands on professionals, we can provide a design-build service which will eliminate inefficiencies in the design development process.

  • Environmental Solutions, Excavation, and Remediation

    Committed to total quality, Moretti provides a cost-effective and timely solution on projects where excavation is needed or where contaminated soil cleanup is required.  Most recently Moretti Excavating Limited has been able to add to their list of services that we can provide with respect to environmental matters.

    Such services include:

    • The excavation of contaminated soil and arrangement for its treatment and disposal.
    • The management and removal of underground storage tanks, containers, and contaminated piping.
    • The treatment and management of contaminated groundwater with the use of various suction services.
    • On-site management of contaminated soil.

    Moretti has worked with many of Ontario’s leading consulting firms, government agencies, and developers.  For this reason we have begun the clean up numerous industrial, commercial sites that have been subsequently re-zoned as residential and parkland environments.

    We would be pleased to provide quotations, references, and specific information on successful construction projects.

For over four decades, we’ve relied on the
hard work, dedication and knowledge of our staff.


  • The Region of Peel — Kenadian Contracting Ltd. Project Lakeview
    Water Treatment Plant expansion in Mississauga Ontario:

    • Installation of pipe from 12" pvc up to 2400mm cpp
  • The Regional Municipality of Halton Watermain installation project
    on Dundas Street in the Town of Oakville and the City of Burlington:

    • New 900mm diameter and 1200mm diameter watermains and associated valve chambers and appurtenances
    • New 600mm watermain crossing  Dundas Street at Bronte Road
    • Replacement of section 400mm diameter watermain
  • The Region of Peel watermain replacement project on Bramalea Road
    in the City of Brampton:

    • Replacement of 400mm watermain
  • The Region of Peel construction of Tullamore Transmission Main
    Contract 1 Brampton:

    • Installation of 1050mm cpp

Featured Past Project


The Region of Peel watermain installation on Mayfield Road in the City of Brampton and the Town of Caledon:

  • Installation of 200mm and 300mm pvc
  • Installation of 750mm cpp
  • Micro tunnelling

Our objective is to lead important projects
that deliver best-in-class solutions.


Founded in 1971

Established in 1971, Moretti Excavating was started by one man and a dream.  With the support of his young family, Michele Moretti had a single-minded vision of where he was and what he wanted to accomplish.  This meant being very focused and dedicated to his projects, as well as working with the right people.

From his roots in Abbruzzi Italy he decided to take his knowledge and experience from the family earth works business and introduce them to Canadian soils.  At that point, the purchase of his first piece of equipment became inevitable…meet the Case 680K Rubber Tired Back Hoe. Whether he was working by hour for larger scale road contractors, executing sub-contracts with the MTO and GTAA, Municipal contracts for Moretti Excavating Limited were definitely on the horizon.

Throughout the years, Moretti Excavating and its capabilities have expanded tremendously; though its success can still be attributed to the backbone of its business — the family foundation.

Moretti Excavating is still a family operated business in Vaughan, Ontario. With the help of Moretti’s dedicated project managers, engineers, supervisors, and tradesmen, it has added sewer, water main, roads, and treatment plant construction to their excavation capabilities. We can handle even the most demanding of projects.  As a matter of fact, it’s when projects become challenging, where our innovation and creativity excel in order to have the project complete on schedule and under budget.

Throughout the years, Moretti Excavating and its capabilities have expanded tremendously; though its success can still attributed to the backbone of its business

We take initiative and know that every person,
regardless of circumstance could use assistance.


Supporting SickKids and ALS

At Moretti, our greatest asset is the people we work with. We take initiative and know that every person, regardless of circumstance could use assistance in any way, shape or form. That’s why we support causes like the SickKids® Foundation, ALS Association™, and are working on foundations which help the less fortunate achieve their academic goals. By supporting these causes and others, we know we are contributing to society in hopes to make it a better place.

Moretti supports
SickKids® Foundation


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